photo credit: Mariana Garay
I'm a Latinx Production Designer, born in Chile and established in New York, I carry the meaning of my name “new house” to my life and work. I have been designing and building new houses that live in the space of flickering seconds that go by on a movie, trespassing physicality, evoking emotions.
I grew up under a dictatorship and read feminist children’s books at home, I bring with me the duality of a country that contains glaciers and the driest desert in the world... and the point of view that lies within these two landmarks.      
I have undergraduate studies from the School of Design from PUC Chile; Escola de Disenny Elisava from Spain, received the scholarship of the President of the Republic of Chile to study abroad, leading me to an MFA in Production Design from the American Film Institute.
I carry with me a brick that contains the colors of South America, the texture of feral nature and the hard work of my immigrant ancestors that, like me, carried with themselves only one brick to build a new house wherever they would arrive.
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