INDIEWIRE: " It accomplishes all of these challenges while putting on a display of lavish costumes, detailed, colorful production designs — relying on teals, pastel pinks, and yellows — and allowing the luminousness of Black skin to be captured"
ROGER EBERT: "the most mind-bogglingly gorgeous apartments you have ever seen. Do you have to leave reality at the door for this one? Yes. Is the eye candy worth it? Also yes. This is not a show with repeat outfits, and one character’s apartment has stained-glass sliding doors that expanded my understanding of just how fabulous sliding doors could be." 
VELVET JUNGLE INTERIORS: " This space is a total jaw-drop, the whole color palette is exquisite and again, the attention to detail and mix of styles and textures is total perfection. I would live in this bar, no questions asked."
 SPATIAL THERAPY: "Strung together like pearls on necklace, each set flows into the next with harmony, yet still maintains its individuality." 
 REFINERY 29: the show does an excellent job of tapping into what life in NYC can look like for some professional Black women who call it home.
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "The world that Almereyda and production designer Javiera Varas create here is much like our own, only sleeker, cleaner, more orderly. "
VARIETY:" Instead, production designer Javiera Varas’ fifty-shades-of-peach treatment of the film’s single location — a beach house on a narratively indeterminate stretch of American shoreline, shot on Long Island — sets the softer tone for a nonetheless claustrophobic chamber piece."
NEW YORK TIMES: "The 1980s period design here is every bit as lovingly recreated as it is on “Stranger Things.”"
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